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Private Investigations
Are your employees stealing from you? 

Is your spouse cheating on you?

Is your business partner hiding something?

You are not alone you can get answers. Call us today for a free consultation up to 1 hour.
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Have Suspicions?
Is she/he seeing someone else?
 If you have doubts about your relationship it may be time to confirm your suspicions.
  Sometimes you need a little help to find the truth.

Is she out late again?
Here are two good reasons for getting a private investigation. The first is for your peace of mind . The second is to document evidence that can be presented in a court. The two types we perform for you differs in scope and cost. We will discuss your case and give you options for both.
Locally owned and operated with national and international contacts and associates.
If you think someone is watching you give us a call. We can help.
Business & Industrial Private Investigations

​Are your vehicles delivering your products properly?  Use our mobile video surveillance.
Drivers obeying safety rules and company procedures? We can find out. You have the right to know.
Do you suspect an employee doing business "on the side" with your equipment?
Ask about our GPS for your fleet, individual shipments or products.
Private Investigations
You have a right to know the truth about.

Secret Affairs
Background Information
Missing Persons
Witness Locates
Mystery Shopping
Elder Abuse/Child Abuse

Member: NAIS, MS Professional Investigators Association (MPIA), Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI)
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​We can help you with DNA Testing, Polygraph and Digital Forensics. 
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